Top Proxy Sites And Mirror Sites To Unblock 1337x

The shutting down of torrents on search websites by several countries have majorly affected the internet and the torrent users. The fact that torrent sites like 1337x has been blocked users are unable to access the site to download even a simple file. 1337x as a torrent site allows you to download various torrent files like movies, games, animes, TV shows, music etc with the help of torrent protocol. In this particular article today, we are going to discuss how you can access and unblock 1337x from your PC and mobile device.

In order to gain access to the said torrent site we will be using proxy and mirror services which will allow you to access the site even if it’s blocked in your country. Thus, you will be able to download whatever file you want from the said torrent site.

Proxies are not working? The Solution Is Here!

Proxy sites for 1337x, like this –, are the best way to gain access to a torrent site which is blocked. However, even firewalls nowadays have become smart and can detect proxy servers and block them. Well, in such a situation we need to level up things and make use of a VPN service.

VPN which is the short form of Virtual Private Networks is perhaps the easiest way of gaining access to a torrent site. The main function of a VPN service is to encrypt your traffic and route all of it via their own servers. This prevents the network from detecting the sites that you are visiting from your device. To put it in other words, it can be said that the firewalls are unable to detect your online activities. It cannot detect the P2P or torrent connection on your network. For the firewalls it only appears as traffic going and coming from the VPN server that you are using. Not only that, but a VPN service can also help you in other ways as well. Using a VPN service also has other advantages. Like with the help of a VPN service you can also change your IP address and thus, you will be able to access other sites which are not available in your network.

Watch Torrent Videos Without Downloading Them

Gone are the days when you had to download the file in order to watch it. With the help of online cloud services now you can directly download the torrent file to a cloud service and use it to stream or play torrent movies, videos, TV shows. This basically means that you can watch all your favourite videos and movies without actually downloading them. Well, this has made things really easy and convenient for the users as they do not have to waste their time downloading the files in order to watch them.

From the above discussion, it is clear that torrents sites is one of the easiest way of downloading and sharing files online. Even if they have been blocked you can still access them with the help of proxy sites and VPN services.


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