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If you have decided to make better use of your vacation home by renting it out when you are not using it, you might have started to use vacation rental software to help market, and manage it.

However, a website using this software still has to be optimized in order for people to find it online. You will want people to find your website via various search terms that they might put into Google or any other web browser.

You have to remember that there will be many other websites competing with you for higher placements in the search engines, so getting your on-page optimization is extremely important if you want to be able to compete with them at the top.

You should be looking for particular search terms that you can target that bring in decent to good search volume that will hopefully convert into sales ones your potential customers find your website.

Below are some ideas for search terms that you could use or expand on.

Search Terms for Vacation Rental

Below we have listed a few ideas you can use in terms of the search terms that you might want to optimize your pages around the ‘vacation rental business’ search term.

  • Best vacation rentals
  • Vacation rental properties
  • Short term vacation rentals
  • Cheap vacation rentals

Reserve Rentals Online

If one of your search terms was ‘reserve rentals online’, you might want to consider optimizing your page for terms such as:

  • Reserve vacation rental
  • Online vacation rentals
  • Can I reserve a vacation rental online
  • Best rentals to reserve

Search Terms for Vacation Rental Software

Another example we could use would be if you wanted to optimize your page for the search term ‘Vacation Rental Software’.

  • Best vacation rental software
  • Free vacation rental software
  • Top vacation rental software
  • Vacation rental property management software
  • Vacation rental app
  • Vacation rental software

Search Terms for Property Management

If you wanted to target search terms based around ‘property Management’ you could opt to go for the likes of:

  • What is property management
  • Best property management companies
  • Insurance for property management
  • Property management fees
  • Local property management companies


All those above are just examples of what you could go for but you will find many more out there. You could localize the terms depending on where your property rentals are so terms such as ‘vacation rental in Auckland’ or rent ‘Vancouver vacation properties’.

Summing up, all you need to do is think long and hard about the search terms that your potential customers might be putting into Google. You want to be one of the websites that shows up when they type these terms as your chances of renting out your properties will massively increase.

By optimizing your website and using some efficient and convenient vacation reservation system, your rental business stands a much better chance of succeeding.


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