A screenshot of WAPDA website being hacked by Indian hackers

WAPDA, Water and Power Development Authority of Pakistan is hacked by Indian Hackers hindering any information dissemination and activity through the site.

WAPDA is a Pakistan government agency that has an official website at www.wapda.gov.pk/license.html . The site is used so that the government can easily reach out to its citizens and to everyone about the agency’s programs, projects, updates, and other important information that are valuable and important. However, even bearing this purpose, the website’s security is not enough to prevent it from being hacked. The site is down at the moment, and no site activity can be done on it.

The hacking of the website was done by Indian Hackers. This can be proven by the texts that are currently displayed on the WAPDA website. If anyone will visit it today, the hacking notice on the site can be instantly seen. There are also other information related to the hacking that are displayed on it. There is also an email address that WAPDA can contact if they want the hacked website be fixed.

Hacking is becoming predominant today and the Indian hackers made it to WAPDA. The Pakistan government should look into this matter and should also secure their other government websites. The other systems that the government is using should also be protected before hackers can go through them. The government function will be greatly affected if the information dissemination channels that they have will be hacked and destroyed.

WAPDA and the Pakistan government should find the solution to the hacked website in no time. They can do it through various ways. They can contact the hackers to get help from them and solve it, or they can go out of their own way and find the solution by themselves. It is now up to their hands on how they are going to solve this problem.

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