WhatsApp Down Globally On New Years Eve

Yes, WhatsApp is down worldwide! Reason for the outrage remains unknown.

Just as the new year has hit, WhatsApp servers have gone down/offline for everyone worldwide. Currently, the reason for the outrage is unknown. WhatsApp users have stormed social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook regarding the App not being able to send messages to their loved ones.

Surely, this is a bad time for WhatsApp to go down. As thousands of people around the world are currently wishing each other a “happy new year”. At the time of publishing this news article, WhatsApp servers were down and no user was able to send any messages or call via the App to their loved ones.

Update:- Still no official statements made by WhatsApp team, while it has been more than 1 hour that WhatsApp is down. According to some social media users, they believe it to be a DDOS attack on WhatsApp servers, which lead the WhatsApp down.

Thousands of users on Twitter are upset/angry with the downtime as many aren’t able to wish their loved ones a “Happy new year”

Update:- WhatsApp servers are back online. Users can now send messages to their loved ones. Although, the reason for WhatsApp going down remains unknown as no official statements have been made yet.


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