2.5 Million Accounts Leaked as Xbox 360 and PSP ISO Forums Get Hacked

Xbox 360 ISO Forum and PSP ISO Forum have been hacked jeopardizing more than 2.5 Million accounts and users. The gaming forums are believed to have been hacked back in 2015, September. However, the databases and accounts information have just been leaked and released to the public. Gamers who have registered on these forums are advised to change their account’s passwords and details as soon as possible. It is believed that IP Addresses, Emails, Usernames and Passwords have been leaked.

It is yet unknown as to who was behind the attack and leak because no group has come forward claiming it. Motives are also unknown yet.

The forums provided a platform for gamers to share and link each other with free version of paid games. Downloading ISO’s that you do not own the rights to is illegal and with this leak can expose all those who are registered for piracy. The leaked IP Addresses can be flagged by ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) and legal actions can be taken against them.

Another issue for the 2.5 million account holders and owners is that if they have used the same email and passwords on other platforms and websites then they are at risk of having them hacked as well. It is very common for people to keep the same passwords for several accounts on different platforms and sites. This is a good example as to why everyone should keep a seperate password for every website they register on. Therefore when a leak such as this one occurs, you wont be jeopardising far more important details such as your bank details.

In addition, many hacks like this happen many years in the past but only surface later. It’s a dangerous reality. Kind of begs the question, what other websites have been breached that we aren’t aware of? All in all it is a good reminder for all of us to keep our passwords constantly updated and changed every few months to be safe.

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