Team Emirates
Team Emirates

The hacker group “Team Emirates” attacked another 254 sites in India that were all on the same server (Windows 2008). They left the same message as last time (when the team hacked 100 Italian websites) on the newly hacked pages:

Own3d by Team Emirates

United Arab Emirates

The Muslim response is simple, keep spreading the truth of Islam, get rid of the misconceptions and allow people to see the truth so they come to it.

The answer is not boycotts, violence, or angry tirades and threats

Free Palestine | Free Syria

(_All Hacker Muslim )

It would appear that Team Emirates is making the same message that they were last time; protesting for Palestine and Syria’s freedom, through hacktivists attacks across the world. Additionally, they left the same page that they did last time, inserting a page called “by.htm” on each of the pages that were hacked. It would appear that there’s a serious security problem with the outdated versions of the Microsoft software.

Team Emirates did the same thing last month

It’s important to remember that this event happened just last month, as reported on The Hack Post. You can find the list of the 254 Indian websites that were hacked on this page to see for yourself how the hacks occurred. When this article was written, our investigative reporters discovered that many of the sites were still hacked.

What is Islam House?

Islam house is one of the most authentic references to Islam on the internet, with over 150,000 files, 114 languages, and over 56,000 titles about the Muslim faith. It would appear that Team Emirates is trying to spread their message, leading people to Islam, to learn more about tolerance.


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