Ogemaw County’s Official Website in Michigan, USA Hacked by Turkish Hacker
Ogemaw County’s Official Website in Michigan, USA Hacked by Turkish Hacker

The Ogemaw County official website remains defaced after being hacked by “JackSparrow” from the hacktivist group “TurkHackTeam.” It would not appear that attack was politically or emotionally motivated because the only message left on the site was:

Hacked by ||JackSparrow||


We suspect the worst for the site, as it was blocked by Facebook virus scanners as spam (and releases a warning message when you click on the link), so act cautiously when opening this link.

TurkHackTeam has Been Established Since 2002

Our investigative reporting discovered that the TurkHackTeam website (turkhackteam.org) was developed in 2002, suggesting that the organizations root’s go at least that far. The Google Cache records showed our reporters that the Turkish hacking group had hacked and breached the Museo Enzo Ferrari, defacing this website this 24th of January, 2016.

JackSparrow (ZoRRoKiN) has Been Busy Hacking Important Sites

Aside from this particular hack, ZoRRoKiN (JackSparrow) has hacked over 22 important sites (special defacements). Most of these sites were in Indonesia, for reasons unknown. He left this message:


The Reasons for These Hacks are Unclear

This particular picture seems politically based, but other than that, his reasons are unclear. We’ll keep you updated on the issue as it progresses.

As of yet, we haven’t seen any further attacks, other than his attacks against the official Michigan website, but we expect to see plenty of action on zone-h archives in the next few days as far as this hacker is concerned. Post your comments below!

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