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Thinking of how you can promote your brand, business, company, products or services? Here are the 4 best custom promotional products that are quite affordable and highly effective:

Custom Lapel Pins

Who can resist custom lapel pins? They’re small, easy to wear and people of all ages love them. It’s one of the best advertising content that’s efficient, convenient and gives great results. Custom lapel pins, just like necklaces, bracelets and other accessories, can enhance the overall look and style of an individual. It can be matched with different hats, shirts, bags and jackets. Aim for a creative and attractive design so your customers will proudly wear them.

Exceptional custom enamel pins are produced only by the best lapel pin suppliers. Vivipins can give you a speedy turnaround time and great detail on your custom-made lapel pins. You won’t have to worry about quality as Vivipins utilizes non-toxic materials on jewelry-quality pins that’s confidently backed by a guarantee.

Custom Pens

Pens are one of the most-used writing instruments in all of history, so it makes total sense to include them as promotional items. They can be used to sign documents, write notes and for scribbles. Branded pens aren’t just for stationery companies anymore, as industries of all niches can work in a promo pen as an item for spreading the brand.

Customized Stress Balls

Stress balls are good for fitness companies and wellness centers. You can make them to be funny, cute or quirky depending on how you wish to promote your business. The act of squeezing relaxes employees and reduces the amount of everyday stress.

Customized Water Bottles

Branded water bottles are a sure hit if you’re a fitness center or a gym. Remember that everyone will need to hydrate after a particularly strenuous workout. In conferences, it’s not uncommon to see water bottles being handed out. Companies can create customized drinks to push sales. Make sure to put some thought on the design and color to make it really stand out.


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