Samsung Galaxy S4

The Galaxy S4 is one of the oldest members of the Samsung Galaxy family, released in 2013. Since then there have been plenty of noteworthy releases from Samsung, but the Samsung Galaxy S4 is still a great choice of a smartphone if you’re looking for a reliable device and are not in a rush to get the latest cutting-edge features. Check out 4 reasons to buy the Galaxy S4 and shop this model at the lowest prices in Nigeria on Jiji: samsung galaxy s4 price in nigeria !!

1. Eye-tracking

What sounded like pure science fiction a decade ago, became a reality thanks to Samsung. The eye-tracking technology is a completely new way to operate your smartphone. There are several ways to try this feature in action. First, while watching a video, simply look away and the video will automatically pause; look back on the screen to resume the video. You can also try the smart scroll by tilting your head up and down. Just imagine how amazed everyone watching you do it will be!


2. Air controls

The groundbreaking touch free technologies of the Samsung Galaxy S4 don’t stop there, as there is also a feature that allows you to control the device without putting your hands on it. The best uses of this feature include waving at the phone to flip through pages in various apps, activate the scroll feature in your browser or use the Twitter app, and hovering your finger over the photo album to see the previews of the images in it.

Air controls

3. Better camera

The 8MP primary camera of the S4’s predecessor, the Galaxy S3, was a huge success among smartphone photographers, but the Samsung Galaxy S4 took things on a different level. The 13MP camera of the device delivers outstanding quality of photos but that’s not it! You are also guaranteed to love the GIF-creating feature, taking fabulous pictures with the long exposure “drama shot” feature, and erasing unwanted objects from the background with the blur technology.

Better camera

4. Translate on the go

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 you will no longer need third-party translating apps, since the translation feature is build directly into the system. You can read and write SMS and emails in nine different languages, and on top of that the phone will also read phrases for you in the same nine languages, which is going to be very helpful when you’re traveling abroad and need to ask people for assistance or directions, or when you’re in a business meeting without a professional translator.


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