Car Games You Can Play Online

Looking to play some car games without having to install them on your computer? Check out these free racing and simulator games you can play right now:

Lambo Drifter 3

Fancy racing a Lamborghini, even if it’s just on virtual streets? Lambo Drifter 3 allows you to choose any Lamborghini model you want and take it for a spin in a race with other drivers. Achieve a set score and you get more powerful and faster Lambos you can beat your opponent with.

Car Eats Car 6 Game

Supercars and monsters collide in this combat-themed “carmaggedon” game, replete with insane weapons and an array of maps. The object is to survive at all costs while using your weapon to blast away at the zombie cars out to get you.

Hill Climb Twisted Transport

The concept is simple- carry a load onto the back of your truck and navigate through rough terrain to cross the finish line. Sounds easy, right? The more you earn, the more unlocks you can get and the better trucks you can drive.

Super Hero Squad Infinity Racers Game

Play as Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and a mysterious figure in a Marvel-themed racing game. Choose your hero and do your best to get to the finish line first with the help of your superhero weapon to destroy other cars.

Truck Loader 5

Load up new goods on your truck using nothing but your savvy manuevering skills and your truck’s steering wheel, gas and brake pedal. It’s a puzzle type game where you progress once the goods are loaded properly.

School Bus Transit

You, the school bus driver should drive carefully and ensure safe passage for the school children. Collect stars while going from point A to point B and evade obstructions along the way.

Super Mario Racing 3

Move over, Mario Kart, there’s a new online Mario racing game in town! Choose from various Mario staples like Wario, Princess Peach, Luigi, Mario and others and race on exciting new tracks in an effort to get to the finish line.


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