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PC gaming is more than a comfy gaming chair, a PC and a wide screen monitor. Modern gaming devices and equipment are now more than just mice and keyboards- they can help gamers immerse themselves more on their favorite genres.

Here are 5 things that you’ll need to add to your gaming setup:

  1. Arcade Stick

Hardcore fighting game enthusiasts swear by arcade-style fight sticks as their go-to equipment. Perhaps it’s this wave of nostalgia back in the early days when people crowd in arcades and spend quarters just for “one more go”. Or maybe it’s the best equipment to pull off that complicated combo or super finish.

  1. Flight Control System

A joystick greatly enhances the flight experience when you’re playing on the PC. The flight control systems of today can even simulate g-forces, turbulence and wind shear, making you feel more like a jet fighter pilot than anything else.

  1. Micro-ATX PC Build

Micro-ATX cases are useful in so many ways. You can build a PC and stuff it inside the best Micro ATX computer case for maximum portability and saving space. What’s more, you’ll be able to fit them in almost any part of your room, whether it be snug behind the widescreen TV, your home office, entertainment room or studio.

  1. Gaming Headphone

Good headphones offer a more personal aural experience. The best headphones for gaming and music will totally make you lose yourself in the game world! You’ll need one that will faithfully reproduce every dialogue, every sound effect and background music in full clarity and tone. You’d want a gaming headphone that can also be plugged in various consoles, such as the PS4, Xbox One and Windows.

  1. Microphone

Playing online multiplayer matches all day? Consider getting a high quality microphone to coordinate better with your teammates and friends. A dedicated mic will prove to be worth its salt as it produces greater sound and voice quality than a built-in mic or a headset/mic combo.


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