Banner Tech Development and Trends

Advertising is an ever-changing platform that you need to update to stay competitive. Today, there are newer, better digital printing technology and display styles one can use for business and trade shows.

Fabric For Outdoor Use

Fabric on an outdoor banner is better than a semi-rigid or rigid construct because it’s lightweight and allows you to have the banner shipped at a lower cost compared to its rigid counterpart. Moreover, it’s more versatile and flexible.

Digital Vinyl Banners

One of the most common tools on display. With digital vinyl you get high resolution capability, leading to a much more vibrant print and design. A hanging banner is recommended when you’re trying to draw in the attention of massive audiences. These types of banners are durable, waterproof and work well against outdoor environment.

Single or Double Side Banners

Here, you get complete freedom over what you want to display. If it’s of absolute importance that your design has to be seen on both sides, then this is the solution to get. Moreover, you can put up one type of display on one side while revealing a continuous design on the other end.

Printing Technologies

Digital printing technology helps ensure your banner’s design is original and truly unique. You can opt to print full images onto the company logo or emblazon promo messages across. Embedded images are permanent and they do well in an outdoor environment.

Dye sublimation technique – You can get a more vibrant look for your banner by going with a dye-sublimated fabric, where dye is embedded onto the material’s fibers.

UV-curable and solvent printers – can give you fast results while being environmentally friendly. You won’t have to worry about harsh chemicals or noxious smells from traditional printing methods when you choose this solution.

Need to reinforce brand image? Banners are the cost-effective solution. Hanging banners provide the benefits of constantly advancing technology, so make sure to invest in one for your marketing needs.


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