Rolex watch

Many millenials nowadays are smart consumers who buy experiences rather than seeing products or items as just possessions. Of course, there are still those who certainly appreciate fine watchmaking pieces and sometimes choose rare vintage pieces rather than smart watches.

Back in history, quartz type watches nearly killed off their Swiss counterparts when they become popular during the 70s and the 80s. Fortunately, notable Swiss watch companies such as Rolex and Patek Philippe pressed on and made mechanical watches their sole specialty.

Patek strived as the brand knew that the world needed more than just technology to appreciate the fine art of watchmaking. For starters, the watch maker created the world’s most complicated watch and unveiled it just in time for Rolex’s 150th year anniversary. The Calibre 89, a stunning pocket watch that was created in 1989, was ahead of its time, boasting 33 complicated and unique timekeeping functions. The timepiece created a global buzz that led to the revival of the mechanical watches. It was truly a turning point that sparked interest in classic watches. The DaVinci, a perpetual chronograph piece that was released in 1985 followed through and became the latest obsession of the public. IWC Schaffhausen thought the demand was weak for a mechanical timepiece, but 100 orders for the watch proved otherwise.

The Swiss watch industry has adapted with the latest trends in economic and business aspect of things, keeping in mind changing spending habits of consumers and recognizing how online authorized dealers can be key to success. The Watch Company Japan is one of today’s trusted sites selling mechanical watches to enthusiasts all over the world.

The world of mechanical watches finds itself in the midst of a revival. Further advances in both technology and watchmaking has led to the evolving of mechanical watches, which made them more desirable to consumer’s and collector’s eyes. The advent of CNC and CAD/CAM machines has made micro-mechanical manufacturing a viable option. Mechanical watches have evolved from being pocket watches to sophisticated, functional pieces that can fit snugly on one’s wrist. The 500-year tradition of watchmaking certainly still exists and is here to stay.

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