Cascade County Montana Official Website Hacked By Moroccan Hackers

Our investigative reporters discovered that hackers from Morocco named “Moroccan Agent Secret” have hacked into the Cascade Country Montana website.

The official website’s index page was defaced with the following message:

Hacked by Moroccan Agent Secret

(A cache of the hacked page can be found here)

After Website Was Hacked, All Other Pages of the Website Went Blank

We aren’t completely sure how the hackers managed to gain access to the Cascade County Montana page, but after they activated the hack and uploaded the deface page, the other pages of the website went completely blank. The hacks don’t look particularly governmentally or politically based because this isn’t the only site that Moroccan Agent Secret has hacked (but most of their recent hacks have been based in America).

Moroccan Agent Secret Has Been Especially Busy Recently

Many of these sites that the Moroccan Agent Secret Hacktivists have been attacking have been on FS Big-IP & Linux servers (February 29, 2016) on zone-h archives:


It would appear that Moroccan Agent Secret’s goal with hacktivism is to reduce racism and anti-Muslim sentiments, as seen in these attacks on Italian websites:

Hacked By Moroccan Agent Secret

Cascade County Montana Official Website Hacked By Moroccan Hackers
Our Message :

We Moroccans we defend our country against (Islamophobes) + (Polisario terrorists) +
(the racists) + (The Atheists) + (the corrupt) & all those who want to divide us

God, Homeland, King…

Moroccan Agent Secret

All of the United States hacks had the same messages as above: “Islam is the religion of peace, we defend our country, our king, and our Islam!”

We’ll keep you updated with this story as it progresses.


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