The official social media accounts of CNN have been hijacked by the well renowned hackers group OurMine. CNN’s main page, along with CNN International and CNN Politics accounts on the social media giant Facebook were taken over by the hackers at around 10 pm on Sunday, January the 29th.

The infamous group defaced each page with an image representing their logo and plastered a caption stating that they were just doing a security test. The hackers also offered to help with the vulnerabilities CNN’s Facebook accounts have fallen to, providing their email for any inquiries the News Network giant may have.

Direct quote from the Facebook post defacements states: “Hey, it’s OurMine we are just testing your security, please contact us for more information

The team also deleted all previous posts from the Facebook page, leaving only their defacement posted 6 times. However, the Facebook pages were immediately restored in roughly 30 minutes the page was hijacked for. Apparently, Facebook gave back control to CNN staff who then deleted the defacements posted by OurMine.

It is unclear whether the notorious hackers group have any other alternative motives. In the past they have hacked several celebrities social media accounts, including Mark Zuckerberg himself and just recently, WWE’s Official Twitter and Tumblr page. Netflix and Marvel have also fallen victim to their mischiefs in recent times as well.

The collective seems to want to exploit and establish their skills as hackers only to prove to themselves and everyone that they can. Also with such defacements of large companies, they cash in on the traffic by promoting their own website which provides their own security services.

A newbie writer at The Hack Post. Completely in love with technology. Writing has always been a passion of mine and so is hacking. Combine them together and you get me. A bit of experience in the fields of cyber security and looking to expand on that in the times to come. As a student of Engineering, being an author at The Hack Post helps me cope with the stress that comes with that.


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