Computer Cleaning Tips That Can Save Your Business

Computers play a huge role in daily business operations, but cleaning is an oft-overlooked aspect of maintaining and keeping it in top condition. Dust, allergens, bacteria and viruses from computers can infect personnel and cause absenteeism, thereby lowering productivity. As your equipment gathers dust by the minute, components can get affected or even cause malfunctions.

Professional computer cleaning London services only take a few minutes and it saves your company hundreds and thousands of dollars in repairs and replacement costs. Here are some tips on how to get started:

Make sure the computer is shut off and disconnected from the power source before you begin.

Apply the cleaner on a piece of cloth and wipe the surfaces dry. Do not spray directly inside the computer.

Apply disinfectant on all contact surfaces, which include the PC case, mouse, keyboard and the table itself.

Clean up food debris such as coffee stains, crumbs and the like.

Cleaning The Keyboard and Mouse

Keyboard cleaning should be done with a cloth that’s damp with an all-purpose cleaner. More importantly, regular cleaning should be done as the keyboard is one of the most used computer peripherals. Remove the minute debris, food particles and dust in-between the key spaces by turning the keyboard upside down and shaking it gently. During computer cleaning, your mice should be cleaned with a cloth with a suitable cleaning solution as well.

Cleaning The PC Monitor

Monitor screen cleaning is essential for keeping the display crystal clear and increased efficiency. Use only a microfiber cloth dampened with a cleaning solution that’s for computer screens in order to prevent scratches or permanent smudges. Do the same if you’re performing laptop cleaning and telephone cleaning.

Computer cleaning training courses are available for companies in or around the London area. With the right knowledge you can increase productivity and efficiency within the workplace.


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