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Even if there is an upsurge in usage of different social media sites, e-mails have not left the ground when it comes to marketing to gain leads. But why email marketing has proven the method to get leads? Although social media has become very popular, in the end, we do need emails to get everything finalized professionally. No matter how much social media gets fame, the majority of people still prefer that companies should contact them through emails. So this preference of people is the biggest reason to why companies use email marketing to get leads.


A professional and a good email has certain important aspects that almost every company follows to get possible leads.

  • SUBJECT: the subject is catchy and easy to grasp what it wants to convey. It must stand out in the crowded inbox of the recipient so they should open it.
  • EMAIL STRUCTURE: the structure of the email is well organized and not too messy. It should be simple, easy to understand and convincing. It should not be too much crowded or have a lot of written content which can bore the audience.
  • CONTENT QUALITY: the quality of the content should be high and excellent. It should be engaging for the reader. All important points are mentioned on top so that reader gets aware of the important first.
  • OFFERS: nobody provided their personal information unless they get something in return. So add some promotional offers, discount codes, free events that they can avail by providing some information about them so that you can engage a potential customer.
  • FINAL LINK: a final link should be provided for the reader of email which can allow them to get on next step and allow you to gain the lead.


Accounts on emails are a lot more than that on social media. So this makes it a wiser decision to reach out to people for leads on emails. Emails are very essential part of lives. Even to signup on any social media, it is necessary to have an email account. So this makes it very clear that email is a more viable option to get leads.


In social media, your brand gets included in people’s newsfeed where the chances to get your brand noticed in a crowded newsfeed gets less. Whereas the email is always delivered to the recipient and is opened by the user. So chances for a mail to get noticed is a lot higher. This also leads to a conversation with the user as well as the mail gets in the notice of the user, so the chance of converting a potential customer to a buying customer is high on emails.


People prefer emails for more professional and official dealings whereas social media is popularly used to get in touch with friends and family. So people are less likely to gain information about a product on social. On emails, they are more likely to get engaged in information regarding products and services by a company. To get more trust of customers specially related to Instagram, buy followers on Instagram.

So it is very simple that why email marketing is proven the method to get leads. Emails have been there forever while many other social media sites came and went. Emails have proven to be the most stable way of getting leads.

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