Get 10000 Real Instagram Followers: 5 Easy Steps for Beginners

How to get thousands of followers on Instagram?

We have seen many brands and influencers asking the same question. To be honest, everyone wants 10000 followers for Instagram so that they can influence the trends and purchasing decisions of their audience. If you are also wondering how to get a ton of followers on Instagram, we have good news for you!

Today we are going to reveal how to get 10 000 followers on Instagram free. Even beginners can use the techniques and tips to get 10000 real Instagram followers.

Is it Possible to Get 10000 Instagram Followers?

Many brands have already done it, so it’s not impossible to get 10 000 Instagram followers. But if you are thinking how to get 10k followers on Instagram in one day, then it may not be possible.

We will guide you through each step to increase your followers and explain everything in detail. All you need to do is find some free time every day to expand your reach and find new audience.

10000 Instagram followers
                  A little bit of effort and time can earn you 10000 followers.

So if you want to get 100 asap followers, stay tuned to our guide.

Who are Real Instagram Followers?

When you are searching for answers to how to get 10000 followers on Instagram, you need to keep one important thing on your mind- you should only go for real Instagram followers. What are real Instagram followers you ask?

Real Instagram followers are real people who can interact with your posts. They are not bots meant to spread spam or promote other services. You can influence them with your content and maybe even convert a few of them to your customer!

Having real Instagram followers gives you many benefits-

  • You can grow and nurture account with high engagement
  • Instagram favors accounts with real followers
  • Real people are more likely to like and comment on your posts
  • Real followers will spend money and buy your product or service

How to Get Real Instagram Followers?

How do you get thousands of followers on Instagram who are real and active?

The answer to the question lies in finding out active accounts and choosing services which only target real people. Many people are in a hurry to get thousands of Instagram followers and opt for questionable services which sell Instagram users.

Most of the times your list just gets populated by fake accounts and bots who have nothing to contribute to your growth. We recommend you not to waste your money and only use organic methods to get 10000 followers on Instagram. It’s not difficult as Instagram has 1 billion active monthly users.

Instagram has 1 billion active monthly users

You can also buy your followers, but make sure you go for a legit and reliable service.

Get 10000 Instagram Followers 5 Steps

1. Work Out Your Goals

Starting with a goal is your response to how to get 5000 followers on Instagram.

You may want to use Instagram to create awareness about your brand. Maybe you are an influencer and want to build a social reputation by sharing pictures. You can also be a company looking to make direct sales through your Instagram audience.

First, decide your goal and then think about how to get thousands of followers.

Also, check out the accounts that your target audience follows. You can study your competitors and take note of the type of content they share, tactics they use, their profile details and so on.

The analysis will help you find out the best practices and things that work! Then you can implement them in your account and posts to get more followers and engagement.

2. Covert Followers with Your Profile

Your profile represents you on Instagram so you should put every effort to make it appealing and attractive. Here are the things to keep in mind-

  • Write an appealing bio detailing how your product or service solve people’s problems
  • Add an attractive profile picture or use your company logo if applicable
  • Provide URL to your landing page
  • Share stories and post some pictures to get the ball rolling
  • Share links in stories and use appropriate call-to-action

You can also use the ‘Mashable’ tactic to invite viewers on your landing page. Upload your pictures and videos and use the caption to invite people to click your URL in the bio. You can change the URL with each new picture so that people are directed to landing pages relevant to your post.

Here’s an example of a nice profile-

Instagram profile example
                                         Create a profile that encourages people to follow you.

3. Plan and Schedule Your Posts

The nature of content that you post on your account will determine whether you will be able to get followers. For best results, you should use an editorial calendar to schedule your posts. That way you know which posts are going to go live and when.

You can add content to your editorial calendar based on the competitor analysis in step 1. Don’t be afraid to imitate the content of the top posts to promote your account or brand. If they are using guy code Instagram, you can also experiment with it in your own way.

Also, remember to use the popular hashtags which increase your chance of being featured in feeds and Explorer tab.

Tag your posts with geo-location to increase engagement and visibility so that you can get new followers effectively.

4. Post and Interact

Now all that remains is to start posting according to your editorial calendar. You should post 1-2 images every day and try to share at least one live video each day at the same time. Also, make use of stories and videos to increase the engagement.

You will also need to get social because Instagram is a social media and works on principles or reciprocity. Like and comment on posts related to your niche and follow the accounts that match your interest. In return, some of them will surely follow you back!

Scan the top profiles in your niche and take a look at people liking and commenting on the posts. You should try to follow them because they are the most engaged users and likely to be interested in your content.

5. Analyze and Repeat

Now comes the time to do an audit on your account. Go over your posts and track the ones that generated most engagement. You would want to publish posts of the same nature to win more followers.

Also, use your analysis to find the posts that have performed the worst. You should scrap them from your editorial calendar and find out new posts to replace with.

How to Get 10k Followers on Instagram Easily

If you don’t have the time to engage and network to grow your followers, you can take help of InstaNobel. The service automatically engages with your chosen audience increasing the likelihood of earning followers. It only targets real and active accounts so that you have a base of human audience ready to interact with your content.

Increase your followers
                                                            Get guaranteed real and active followers.

If you are thinking how do people get thousands of followers on Instagram, InstaNoble is one of the easiest ways!


We hope that you now have the answer to how to get 10k on Instagram. You need to have a plan and use the right ways to engage and gain followers. It’s possible to get 10000 followers or more if you have the dedication and put in the effort required.

You can also buy your followers but be sure to stay on the safe path!



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