DDos Attack On GitHub Website

The famous website for the cybersecurity had faced the DDos attack on Wednesday, about 1.3Tbps hits the GitHub website. The attacker had not used any kind of botnets, but had used a Memcached server vulnerability to perform this DDos Attack. This is the world’s largest  DDos Attack performed against any website. The Attack has done through port number 11211 using the spoofed IP address that matches with the website IP address.

The Attack has been Done by the thousand different systems across ten Thousand different endpoints. According to the GitHub Engineering, the attack has taken place between 17:21 and 17:30 UTC on February 28th. The attackers have sent about 128.6 Million packets.

GitHub stated that:- “To note, at no point was the confidentiality or integrity of your data at risk. We are sorry for the impact of this incident and would like to describe the event, the efforts we’ve taken to drive availability, and how we aim to improve response and mitigation moving forward.”

The first Part of the attack is at 1.3Tbps and the second of 400Gbps a little after 18:00 UTC. The Below Graphs shows the traffic in bits per second:

GitHub also stated that even still, attacks like this sometimes require the help of partners with larger transit networks to provide blocking and filtering. We know how much people are relying on them for projects and businesses to success. They said that they analyze this and other events that impact our availability, build better detection systems and streamline response.


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