How Technology Has Been Used To Create Vaporizers

Vape devices, or e-cigs have come a long way from starting as crude machines to refined, sleek vaping products. Today’s best vaporizers have a multitude of features that offer great value and enjoyment to the user.

Check out some of the greatest innovations in the vaping industry:

Vape Apps For Android And iPhone

A lot of vaping apps provide information on the newest products and serve as a social platform for sharing vaping tips and experiences. Some, like the PAX smartphone app for the PAX 3, allow vapers total control over how their devices operate, i.e., heating modes and temperature settings just the way you like it. Connecting with the Pax 3 is just a simple matter of turning on your phone’s Bluetooth and pairing away.

Smaller yet More Powerful Mods And Vape Devices

Bigger wattage means more pull and optimal operation so you can get the most out of each tank of e-juice. Before mod kits were the only way you could do this, and the changes usually mean a bulkier, heavier vaping device. Today, coils and tanks can produce a thicker vapor and fuller taste. Moreover, batteries are becoming more efficient, allowing vape enthusiasts to indulge on their hobbies for a longer time. Large capacity, quick charging batteries allow the vaporizer to recharge faster.

Improved Comfort And Reduced Weight

High-end vaporizers are sleeker and thinner than most. Old models have become clunky and somewhat crude as newer innovations and breakthroughs are being introduced into the vape industry. Mod kits are also gaining steam in the compact department; the best ones are small enough so you won’t need to carry an extra case.

Tons Of New Flavors To Choose From

E-liquids make or break the vaping experience, so those in power have made juices with better, more robust flavors to really draw in the crowd. Vape enthusiasts are now spoiled for choices with hundreds of e-liquids available for sale at physical shops and online vaping portals.


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