iPhone 5C was quite a disaster; future bleak

Apple tried its hand at selling a cheap phone, not exactly “cheap” but a tad cheaper than its flagship phone. It was the iPhone 5C which was released alongside the iPhone 5S.

The phone garnered mixed reactions – some loved it, some hated it. I was part of the latter group. I watched the live-stream of the event and my initial impression was “it’s hideous”. I hated it.

Of course, everyone’s likes and dislikes are different; the people I know who liked the 5C were mostly women. Most of them bought the pink color 5C. Well, maybe Apple wasn’t exactly aiming the “lower price” segment of the smartphone market with the iPhone 5C. It was a color “full” phone (haha). It was available in various colors and the build was plastic, which I hated. But when I actually used it, my view changed, I didn’t hate it neither did I like it.

During the iPhone 5C era, metal body phones were a rare species. The iPhone 5S and also the much loved HTC One flagship were the major contenders. I was in love with phones carved out of metal at the time. That’s the reason I hated the 5C. It’s not the same now, almost all the phones have a metal body and honestly, I’m quite bored of it.

The iPhone 5C was not a success at the market and Apple didn’t continue the “plastic” phone line. The iPhone 5C has discontinued a long time ago, however, the iPhone 5S that was released alongside is still on the market in few countries.

If you own a 5C, the future looks bleak, well, few reports say that the phone will be updated to the next version of iOS but I doubt it. It’s an old phone with the specs of iPhone 5.


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