iPhone 5S - Is it worth an upgrade?

Apple’s three (four-ish) year old flagship phone, the iPhone 5S is still a great contender in the smartphone race. Of course, the sales were discontinued by Apple officially in most countries, however, in many countries where Apple’s market share doesn’t soar like Samsung and other Android players, the company is still selling the compact 4-inch phone.

The news here is that Apple might be releasing a new 4-inch phone in March, a successor to the iPhone SE, that stands for ‘Special Edition’. It was a continuation of the legacy that iPhone 5S created. Basically, the design is very similar to that of the iPhone 5 (which is, of course, similar to the iPhone 5S) but everyone remembers it as the phone similar to the iPhone 5S.

iPhone 5 was a great phone, it sold well, everywhere, but it can’t match to the feature set the company brought with the iPhone 5S. With the 5S, the company added a fingerprint reader to the phone, which then, has been added to other Apple products as well, and the camera on the iPhone 5S was fantastic. No other phone could match the picture quality of iPhone in the year 2013; yes, there were phones with higher megapixels but the advancements Apple had made in camera optics and software that no other smartphone manufacturer could match.

Apple always had an advantage with its products, it creates both the software and the hardware which helps them make things work harmoniously, creating awesome features. That’s the reason the iPhone 5S is still very popular; yes, it’s getting old and it probably won’t receive major iOS updates anymore. However, few reports say that the 5S will receive the iOS 11 update.

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