An Iranian hacker going by the alias of Mamad Warning has hacked the officiaL governmental website of Palestinian High Judicial Council. With the political situation between israel and Palestine in this day and age, it is fast to assume that the attack has come in support of Israel. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case in the attack against the government agency. The hacker did not leave any political message, just a statement showing security is nothing in the face of the attacker, in addition the hacker provided their Email.

The exact defacement message is as follows:

Hacked By Mamad Warning
Security For Me Is Low
Contact By Me :
#Persian Hackers

The website seems to have been recovered by web administrators as soon as the breach happened because the HTML defacement page uploaded by the hacker is no longer there. However a cached version of the original defacement can be found on Zone-H archives

The website has been hacked twice before this incident. The hacker named GeNiuS-JorDan hacked the government agency just last year and previously by the hackers named eMP3R0r TEAM in 2010. Both hacks don’t seem to be motivated by any reasons other than exploitation of a vulnerability in the website. Most likely through the hacking method SQL Injection.

This attack isn’t the first time the hacker Mamad Warning has breached a Palestinian server. It comes after the hacker mass defaced a Palestinian server just a few days before this attack occurred. Hacking 14 websites including a Palestinian government website and several educational institutions.
Full list of defacements of that can be found on Zone-H cyber­crime archive.


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