MacBook Pro 2015

The new MacBooks Pro was released last year…yada yada. But they are too expensive. Also, the performance and the battery took a hit compared to the older MacBook Pro 2015. The 2016 MacBook Pros are indeed Apple products, I mean the quality is just great. Very well constructed and much more compact compared to the older ones and also compared to laptops from the competitors.

The displays are very much less reflective, meaning the display will be clear to read and look at in the sunlight (even in direct sunlight in some cases). But are they worth it? Or should you just go buy the MacBook Pro 2015? That’s a question many people are asking themselves. Even I’m one of them.

What are the reasons to consider the older MacBook Pro? The price, it’s a lot cheaper (a lot). Also, you won’t be missing on much compared to the new ones. The build is small, the display is much better, a revolutionary new TouchBar above the keyboard, I agree, but if your requirement is a greater power, and a good battery backup. You should definitely consider buying the 2015 MacBook Pro.

Yes, it won’t be future proof. You’ll miss out on the USB Type-C ports but if you’re a programmer or a writer and don’t care about upgrading till your computer is outdated then it’s not a problem. The 2015 MacBook Pro can last for the next three years minimum. Who knows, it might last longer also.

If you are looking for value for your buck, go check out the MacBook Pro 2015.


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