Managed Service and Why It Matters To Your Business

Managed IT services are growing at a rapid pace and each day, businesses are realizing its potential and jumping on the managed service provider bandwagon.

But what is a managed service? How does it work, and why is it so invaluable to some?

A Managed IT service is a subscriber-type model that provide 3rd party IT and computer consultant services for a monthly charge. The subscription service, or the service plan covers a variety of business functions- payroll, system, application, network, backup, recovery and even printer or workstation management.

Examples of MSP Functions

Managed IT services can be scaled according to need. Businesses can opt for basic level, which may include computer service repairs and maintenance in a 24-hour arrangement. IT personnel assumes the responsibility for problem resolution and management of IT aspects within the company. This effectively unloads everyday matters to a professional, i.e., upgrade, maintenance and setup and allows businesses to focus on more important matters.

Cloud services is another example of managed IT service. SMBs that don’t have enough resources, knowledge or expertise can call upon an MSP to provide in-house cloud services or be the middleman in their preferred cloud service providers.

In matters of security, MSP stands as one of the best solutions out there. As more and more people use the web and their mobile phones, the chances of a malicious attack, a vulnerability in the security or software code can have devastating consequences. Companies can get a managed security service, who will work on daily security workload and backup, patch and respond to any breach.

MSP can be a great tool when companies are creating new applications. Moreover, it doesn’t replace but rather complements existing staff for better productivity and efficiency. You can add MSPs to handle computer support and let your internal IT team work on core competency that grows business models and advances your goals.


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