Mods in Minecraft

Minecraft first version was launched in 2009. In very short time, many people become addicted to this game. The reason for its popularity is a unique concept. Usually, games are popular for the violence and other stuff but this game has focused on nature-friendly things like crafting and making new things. Sadly, the first version of Minecraft was very basic and has very limited colors, sounds, and graphics. That’s why there was the need to create different mods which can enhance the graphics, video, sound and even overall look of the game.

First Minecraft Mods:

Today, there are so many Minecraft mods are there like Flans Mod through which you can bring guns, tanks, grenades, change building and much more but it was not like that in early days of Minecraft. It took about a year to develop the first mod of the Minecraft when Minecraft was in the alpha stage and only available for the PC players. The very first mods of Minecraft were the server-side mod. The purpose of these mods was only to have more control over the environments of the Minecraft. The mod can make little changes like amendments to the game compass and textures etc.

Minecraft Mods for Beta Version:

At the end of the year 2010, Microsoft has officially launched the beta version of the game. The beta version of the game itself comes up with many options but still does not have cool graphics and other features as compared to the other games of the time. At the start of the year 2011, the market for Minecraft has been boomed with so many new advance mods like BuildCraft, IndustrialCraft, and RailCraft. These Minecraft Mods have potential to change the look of the whole games instead of simply allowing the player to add decorations.

With the passage of time, Minecraft has been improved with so many features including graphics, better audio, and video etc. But to enhance the quality of the Minecraft map or taking it to whole new level, you will need to install different mods like Minimap Mod. Microsoft always tries to keep the graphics of the game simple. The reason behind this strategy is to make it fast for the players. That’s why; Minecraft can be played smoothly on old machines and operating systems.

Advanced Minecraft Mods:

Today, we have Minecraft mods for almost everything. You can change the colors, graphics, maps, textures, shades and even the character of the game with the help of these mods. The mods for Minecraft are available in both options; free and paid. Usually, the free version of a mod like Minimap Mod and Flans Mod required you to pay money to enjoy the extra and advanced features.

I have hardly found a Minecraft player who is playing the game without installing at least one mod. The reason behind installing the mod is not only upgrading the features like graphics and video but also accepting the new challenges.

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