Nokia Leading Security with Multi-Layer Cloud Protection That Protects Users on Many Levels
Nokia Leading Security with Multi-Layer Cloud Protection That Protects Users on Many Levels

ESPOO, FINLAND– Many businesses believe that the cloud is the way of the future because it’s faster and easier for large numbers of people to navigate. The problem is that many of these cloud programs aren’t extraordinarily safe because everything is virtual, meaning that multi-level security is of the essence for industries looking to market their products.

Nokia is now utilizing an automatic deployment of security to Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs). This means that VNFs can immediately create infrastructure security zones that need to be safer or more secure. The software immediately strengthens the security of virtual machines, utilizing expert services, and tighten security gaps.

Cheaper, Faster, More Secure

The automation of security isn’t only harder to hack, it’s extraordinarily cheap! These systems are expected to cut over 80% of all operational costs, by configuring separate networks for each individual network. In fact, experts at Nokia expect the planning, deployment, and safeguarding time to decrease by an impressive 50%.

In a nutshell:

  • Automated networks create brand new policies and security features every time that a VNF is deployed, modifying them, or scaling them up and down. This means that firewalls and automation is done all processed internally. This reduces the effects of human error.
  • Operators can deploy specific security measures to individual networks, which protects data on VNFs and isolates them from areas that really don’t need as much security.
  • Nokia’s new Cloud Security deploys automatic procedures to improve the protection of resources. By eliminating loopholes. Stephane Mahieu (who is responsible for the technology) says, “Operators need an automated way of adapting security that is as flexible as the cloud itself. The dynamic and automated capabilities of our Cloud Security Director provide operators with the industry’s most secure cloud solution.”


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