Samsung to Tackle Social Project as Part of Corporate Social Responsibility at the Samsung CIS Forum 2016
Samsung to Tackle Social Project as Part of Corporate Social Responsibility at the Samsung CIS Forum 2016

PORTUGAL— Samsung is trying to take drastic steps to make a difference for students. Over the next 5 years, Samsung plans on educating 5,000 students. The goal is to teach students more and more about innovation, and the development of innovative technologies in several countries in the world, and in 20 or more cities in Russia.

The program is to be called IT SCHOOL SAMSUNG, and it’s being put together by Samsung at the Russian Ministry of Education and Science. While the IT project is targeted toward Russia, several other plans are being activated as a move towards Samsung’s new pet project, “Hope for Children.” Hopefully, as these projects come to fruition, Samsung will be able to reach more and more people to share the joy of education and knowledge.

Samsung Has a Dedication to Humanities

“We are dedicating all our unique experience of creating cutting-edge technologies and solutions that make a significant contribution to the development of society,” commented Sergey Pevnev, Director of Corporate Relations at Samsung Electronics’ CIS headquarters. “Samsung is a socially responsible company that fosters positive changes helping more and more people discover a life full of new opportunities”

These aren’t Samsung’s only pet projects. In reality, Samsung has been working on expanding world education, skills training, and vocation in Abu Dhabi and South Korea. Samsung has developed “Skills Centers” that develop educational specialists, professional skills, and a wide variety of career paths in locations where many people can’t find gainful employ. Pevnev also says that the company is one of the longest-standing Worldwide Olympic Partners across the world, promoting several different sports projects, tennis teams, and women’s youth championships in Russia.

Building Science, Education and Technology in the Third World

In many areas, Samsung Electronics is the oldest partner for furthering education and science (like in the State Academic Bolshoi Theater who celebrates 25 years of cooperation this year). By donating more and more toward art, science, literature, and technology, and health Samsung is doing more to help people.


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