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Sweets Babe Inc. has recently announced their newest offering in marketing media. The business advertising and online marketing company has opened its doors and now accepts appointments for individuals who would like to gain financial freedom using the best social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others.

About Sweets Babe

Sarah Antonella, better-known as Sarah Pulido, started the company with one focus in mind- tapping into the potential of social media as a powerful marketing tool for businesses and brands. Information shared builds a new type of marketing foundation. Sweets Babe founder realized just how powerful social media can be- today, it’s a central hub not just for networking, but for selling, buying, news and promotional purposes as well. Sweets Babe Inc. specializes in making the most out of every social media interaction to complement one’s business.

The Sweets Babe Team

Sarah Pulido, Sweets Babe owner states that with the right formula, “You can make anything great.” The core team Sarah created was built with this concept in mind, and it shows. Each member brings to the table something unique, complemented by years and years of knowledge working in social media and advertising aspects. Aside from professional financial freedom counseling, Sweets Babe offers content creation, travel reviewing, branding, photography, videography and of course, social media marketing.

Sharing The Secrets Of The Trade

Sweets Babe CEO practices passing down essential knowledge from the ones who came before her. Influential individuals and those who have made their fortune in social media impart knowledge and details that can only come from being on top. Sarah herself and the staff have worked alongside notable greats such as Tim Karsliyev, founder of Daily Dose. Other notables that she has met through the process are people such as, Karcher Smith, Jake Stahl, Jon Tjeras and Melton Hawkins. Today, Sarah is a renowned marketer, hailed by Huffington Post as “the Marketing Queen of Instagram”.

Experience Financial Freedom

When asked during the press release, Sarah declared how thrilled she was and looks forward to share “new financial freedom information” to both influencers and business owners. Appointments are filling up the team’s schedule, so it’s best to get yours as soon as possible. The power to attract a greater audience on social media and finally start realizing your financial dreams will now be yours, courtesy of one of the most prominent marketing figures in today’s society.

Find more about the company and set an appointment by visiting the Sweets Babe Inc. website or by sending a query through Instagram and other media channels.

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