Managed AWS

Amazon Webv Services, or simply AWS for short is an excellent platform allows you to use cloud computing services at a relatively low cost. Much like any other tool, you can maximize it to the fullest by following these 3 tips to save money:

Tip 1 : Choose Your Regions Carefully

AWS has presence all over the globe, divided into several regions according to location. Choosing the right region makes a lot of difference in terms of use case, manageability and cost. Moreover, you’ll notice that some regions have lower AWS pricing than others.

Here are some things to think about as you select a region:

Compliance. Can you set up process data within the region’s jurisdiction?
Latency. Where is the region closest to your customer base?
Service Availability. Does the region offer all the services you need?
Cost. How much does it cost to run a particular workload in your preferred region?

Tip 2 : Set Billing Alerts

Amazon Webv Services houses a pay-per-use model. Running a virtual machine, for example, costs a certain amount per hour. Or, you can pay per GB of data in an object store. Forgotten virtual machines can still accumulate costs even if you’re not using them. A video hosted on Amazon S3 will cost you money if someone’s sharing it without your knowledge.

The best way to control these parameters is to set billing alerts that will show you where you’re spending money.

Tip 3 : Use A Managed AWS Service

You can focus on the more important matters on hand if you use a Managed AWS service and outsource your IT operations and technical management to a capable provider. By entrusting the various demands and responsibilities to them, you get more time, save more resources and mental capacity to drive the development of your products and features for increased revenue and business value.


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