Windows 10 has introduced some very annoying ads to file explorer, this is how to turn them off

Microsoft publish ads in its file explorer tool. It is not something new for its users. Microsoft has made an income out of ads already however, in windows 10, Microsoft has increase the publish of ads in its file explorer than earlier.

Ads are published in the start menu, taskbar lock screen and the share menu. Some users will often see the same ad over and over again. Some users may see the ads in only during some locations while some will never see ads. Microsoft refers these ads as suggestions not as ads.

There are several reasons why these suggestions pop up. However, all the reasons will generate a source of income for Microsoft.

Many users’ complaint and do not like when Microsoft shows suggestions whenever users are busy in doing something important. Even I’m a windows user. I used to face this problem every day before. It was very annoying however now I don’t face this issue anymore since I was able to turn off the annoying suggestions that Microsoft sends every day. Microsoft publish suggestions due to many reasons. When it wants to increase the customer base for windows, they will show suggestions to get users to use Microsoft software instead of other available software’s. Moreover, Microsoft may want to encourage users to use Edge instead of chrome or Firefox. Further, Microsoft wants to encourage its users to use their windows store by differentiating or highlighting third party apps in its start menu. So as you can see all the above reasons directly or indirectly generates income for Microsoft. However, you don’t have to worry about these annoying suggestions you get always. Here’s how you can turn them off. Follow the below steps to turn off the suggestions.

  • Download the Microsoft toolkit
  • Go to file explorer on your windows 10 machine.
  • Open file explorer
  • Click ‘File’. File option will appear on the top of the bar.
  • When the folder option windows open, go to the new menu where you will find an option called ‘show sync provider notifications’.
  • After you find it, uncheck that small box.
  • Click OK.

However, it may be difficult for you to turn off the suggestions fully. Therefore, you have to turn off the add by using the windows registry as well. Here’s how you can do it;

  • Open the start menu using the mouse.
  • Type regedit.exe.
  • Click enter to get the results.
  • Confirm the UAC prompts.
  • Make sure to navigate the following


  • On the right side you will see the ‘show sync Provider notifications’.
  • Double click ‘show sync Provider notifications in order to change it.
  • Make sure to change the value to 0. Changing the value to 0 will turn them off. If you set the value to 1, it will turn them on.


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