YouTube To MP3

YouTube To MP3 Converter has become a trending tool online. Such tools allow YouTube videos to be downloaded directly to a user’s computer or a smartphone completely for free. According to Google Keyword Planner, users searching for the “YouTube To MP3” and “YouTube To MP3 Converter” has more than 30 million monthly search volume.

It’s still unclear if YouTube To MP3 converting tools are legal or illegal in any way, as such tools can be used to download copyrighted songs or videos. According to reports published about on other news websites, it is said that YouTube is in a legal battle with the website owner due to its tool allowing users to download copyrighted songs from YouTube. Although, the site remains up running during the lawsuit.

According to Alexa ranking, is listed on the top 200 websites that are visited the most by internet users. That being said, the website remains one of the best YouTube To MP3 online converting tool available. Currently, the website is ranked 1st on Google search engine. It is believed that 90% users of those 30 million “YouTube To MP3” keyword searchers visit that site.

As YouTube videos can eat users internet bandwidth, users are forced to use YouTube To MP3 tools to download their videos. Downloading such videos would allow a user to play the video of their choice anytime as they want and as many times they want on their computer or smartphones. This would save a ton of internet bandwidth for many internet users.

YouTube itself avoided a download button to avoid copyrighted videos being downloaded as video owners may start to sue YouTube for allowing their videos to be downloaded. According to Google’s YouTube Support page, YouTube uploaders could earn good money by using Adsense with YouTube. Therefore, this would be a great loss for YouTube and it’s uploaders if users start to use YouTube to MP3 or MP4 converters.

While many aren’t aware, YouTube means business for many uploaders. That’s why you may see songs being uploaded by the official singers themselves. According to VOX report, YouTube stars have earn millions of dollars just by making videos and uploading them. To save its business, YouTube is therefore against any YouTube To MP3 converting tools.

Users are able to download YouTube music on their mobile phone devices with the privately owned App called Snaptube. The Snaptube App has over 40 million downloads worldwide. The App allows users to download their favorite videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other video streaming sites absolutely for free. That too in high quality and in a small file size.


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