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Forget about the latest 4K curved TVs and the latest smart phones- there are inexpensive gadgets that give you as much fun, enjoyment or fulfillment than ones that break the bank. Here they are in no particular order:

Digital Electronic Safe Box

One of the more useful items you can get at Affordable Assets. A digital electronic safe box is the cooler and more modern version of security boxes. Keep your cash, jewelry, watch or documents and access them via keyed or keyless entry.

The Echo Dot

Ready for a smart home? The Echo Dot is great for its price. Pair the Dot with your home stereo or Bluetooth speakers and to your Wi-Fi for maximum potential. Then ask Alexa anything- the latest news, weather, sports score or have it call for late night pizza delivery.


Media streaming devices are a dime a dozen, but Google’s is still the best. It’s easy, intuitive and allows you to cast from your mobile phone to your huge TV.


A device that can fit thousands of books and yet weigh less than a magazine? The Amazon Kindle is a wonderful companion that provides a welcome break from staring too much at a computer screen. Its e-ink technology is much easier on the eyes than a tablet’s glare.

VR Viewer

VR is the next big thing in gaming and video content. But don’t break the piggy bank for a high-end VR headset just yet. Get a Google DayDream View or a Samsung Gear VR and you can experience virtual reality just the same as the more expensive alternatives.

Logitech Harmony Universal Remote

Need a singular remote to rule them all? The Universal Remote from Logitech is your best bet, able to synchronize and control more than 200 thousand devices. Best of all, it comes with a color screen for added options in place of physical buttons.


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