Learning Design Software Packages

If you are a complete newbie when it comes to design software packages and it is something that you want to take up, then there are many different options that can support you.  These packages at a glance may seem overly complicated however they don’t need to be. Getting the knowledge of all of the capability from a design software package can help improve your efficiency and effectiveness of what it is you are trying to design.

Sources of Help

The most common and popular design software package is CAD. This is used to design anything from simple components and electronics to cars and aeroplanes. This may sound really overwhelming but the design solutions are not complex if you learn it. Designing for beginners can also be fun and you can have a go at almost anything. Here are some places you can consider for support:

  • Online Support – You will find numerous PCB layout tutorial classes online that can support you with your learning. Doing one of these PCB tutorials will allow you to work at your pace and get most of the information you need in a sequenced way that will support your learning.
  • Classes – Probably the best way to learn one of the software packages is to attend a class. You will find that there are a lot of colleges and schools that offer things like CAD classes and lessons over several weeks. There are different levels of these (for example, beginners, intermediate and expert). At the classes, not only will you be learning but you will be able to network with others who are in the same position as you and share your learning experience and tips.
  • Forums – There are many different forums for people that are in the same position as you. Some of these forums online allow for direct conversations between people on this specialist topic and sharing of problems and solutions. These forums are generally not moderated by technical experts however you will normally find that you will get good sound responses to your questions by experts who want to come into these forums to help promote their items.
  • Customer Support Desks – When you are looking to buy a software package you can either buy the “off the shelve” option where you go ahead and run with it or you can buy it from experts in the industry that maybe include fees for things such as training and support. This can be a pretty expensive option depending on the size of your company and how much support you actually are requesting.  As a result, you will find that these specialists already have this in mind and will normally allow for monthly payments covering the use of the support and potential training.

Overall, there is lots of support out there for beginners and advanced users. The initial thought of being left alone on what seems to be a complex software can be quite daunting, but you will not be alone and there are people out there to help support.


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