Terdot Banking Malware

Terdot: Banking Malware-Espionage Tool Stealing Social Media and Email Accounts

Zeus malware is back with a vengeance. A spin-off of the banking trojan, now with revamped espionage capabilities, was recently discovered by security researchers. It’s called Terdot, a trojan that’s…

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Hacked By Team Bad Dream

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and 20 Embassy Websites of Lebanon Hacked

Hackers claiming to be “Team Bad Dream” have managed to gain access to the official website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Embassy websites of Lebanon.The hacker uploaded a hacked…

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WordPress SQL Injection

WordPress < 4.8.3 Vulnerable To SQL Injection (SQLI) Exploit

A security researcher named “Anthony Ferrara” has found a critical SQL Injection (SQLI) vulnerability in the WordPress CMS. According to WordPress team, the vulnerability exists in all previous versions of…

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jQuery Blog Gets Hacked, Again?!

October 26, 2017. jQuery blog hacked. Not the first time the site has been hit, and it’s quite a relief that the library remains intact. Just how vital is the…

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Indian Embassy Hacked

Indian Embassy Websites Gets Hacked and Defaced By Pakistani Hackers

A hacker claiming to be “Kashmiri Cheetah” from the hacktivist group named “Pak Cyber Attackers” had managed to gain access to an Indian Embassy server that hosts multi Indian Embassy…

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