cybercrime ghana hacked
A screenshot of the Police CyberCrime Unit Ghana website being defaced by Pakistani hackers.

A hacker claiming to be “CoDe Break3r” from the Pakistani hackers group “Team Cyber Switch Crew” have managed to gain access to the official website of CyberCrime unit Ghana and added a deface page with a Pakistani flag. According to the deface page left by the hacker, no political reason appears to be behind the defacement.

It’s unclear how and why the hackers gain access to CyberCrime website. However, this hack surely proves that the CyberCrime unit of Ghana needs to work out on their server and website security to avoid such cyber attacks in the future.

At the time of publishing this news article, the website appeared to have been restored by the website administrators of CyberCrime Ghana. However, the hacker did save a cached mirror on Zone-H archives for the records.


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