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It’s unbelievable how many tools are out there for us at just one click away; Tools that can basically solve our daily struggles and make our lives easier.

A helpful tool just like a seedbox is the best example.

Most of your problems with all downloads you make every day from torrent trackers can be solved by this torrenting hosting tool.

Your own files can basically be shared and distributed to anybody as a simple as using a good seedbox.

You best believe that…

Some torrenting systems just like bittorrent are the ones that most Linux distribution currently uses to be officially released.

So, long story short,

That is the same idea that a seedbox has. They work the same way, with the same principal that most Linux distributions have.

And FYI, they are incredibly fast!

All the internet connections you need you can have them and fast.

Seedboxes’ velocities can oscillate from 100mb/s to 1Gb/s.

This means you won’t have to way that long to have all your downloads done and you can basically keep downloading as much information you want (as long as your drive can storage them).

Anything that you need downloaded; you could have in a quick way.

You won’t worry about the heavy files anymore.

The extra things that you could have with a seedbox are:

Well, as if it wasn’t enough already,

Most of them work with FTP access. Even some work with HTTP.

And yes. In case you were wondering, FTP and HTTP access are actually a very handy thing to have.

HTTP basically means that you could have a quick access to all the files you’d like to share or download from any browser of your election.

This means that you could type anything on a search bar of your favorite website and download directly the information you need.

A few other things you’d have to consider before getting a seedbox…

Mostly their prices.

Their prices, unfortunately, vary a lot.

This is the main reason why it’s actually a hard thing to do to decide for one specifically.

But don’t worry, there are a few websites that will help you get the best seedbox at the lowest price out there.

You need to be sure of what you’re getting

You have to pay attention to all the services that the seedbox can bring for you at the price you’re paying for.

You have to make sure it covers all your needs.

Generally a good seedbox is the one that should be able to: assures you unparalleled support, total privacy, quick installation, genuine safety of your files, quick downloads and backs all your data up.


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